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We develop technological solutions
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specialists in proximity technologies

At the innovation we get the progress

We always use pioneering technologies for surprising solutions.

We committed to progress and continuous improvement of our creations and apply the advance of new technologies to offer the best experience to our customers.

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Experts in
proximity technologies

Improve the user experience by providing innovative solutions, we track individuals and / or devices, simplify or improve processes, provide real usage data, and always do it with the most optimal and easily way.


iBeacon (Apple) / Eddystone (Google). Beacons Bluetooth of low emision (BLE) which allow positioning objects or places to interact with mobile devices


GPS or Geofencing (GPS system able to create virtual perimeters over an area).

We locate people and / or objects, we identify routes and we performs scans routes outdoors.

Other systems

We use other proximity systems such as NFC or RFID that allow us to take action at close range

Indoors location

We use wifi or beacons to positioning indoors. With this we can use our mobile phone to guide us indoors.

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Awesome products and solutions

We create technological solutions based on IoT to improve our life experience.

We use beacons (iBeacon and Eddystone), electronic systems and other sensors to provide unique solutions in different sectors. We are experts in geolocation (GPS, Geofencing and indoor navigation) and work with real-time data analysis and Big Data performing all system information.

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Proximity systems

Proximity technologies (beacons, geofencing and others) allow us to interact with our environment through mobile devices, to provide services and connected experiences.

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BEBEAC platform

IoT platform for application management with beacons, sensors and electronic systems.
Real-time analysis and user experience.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

Objects connected to Internet, provide large amounts of data and improve our experience.

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The App for all museums, with iBeacon and Geofencing technologies .

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We are located in Madrid, Spain
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