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BEBEAC Smart Platform

Digital Marketing and IoT systems - iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofencing



Compatible with different manufacturers of beacons (iBeacon - Eddystone). Ask us.

Location and Geofencing

Make your system to act in different areas or specific points and locates the position of your users.

Indoor Location

Inside a building, mobile to guide you inside, and the system reports data on movements.

Satisfaction surveys

Make surveys your users to find their real satisfaction and to review strengths and weaknesses.

Real Time Analysis

Graphics, data, reports and real-time indicators provide a comprehensive and unique vision system.

APIs and SDK

SDK supports all major platforms (iOS, Android).

APIs available for integration with other systems.

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Beacons are devices Bluetooth Low Emission (BLE) used to position objects, positions or zones.

The BEBEAC platform is compatible with different manufacturers of beacons (iBeacon - Eddystone).

iBeacon Eddystone


Location and Geofencing

Positioning exterior

Map delineates the geographic areas where you want your users to receive some information, campaign, poll or any kind of interaction between them.

By using geolocation (GPS) you can define areas for interacting with your users, with GEOFENCING you can also create geometric shapes on the map to delineate more accurately the interaction zone.

Indoor Location

Now your mobile device lets you browse inside the buildings as if you had a GPS. Indicate your position or other objects, will conduct guided tours and show you where to get to a particular place or object.

The system identify the movement of users, determines the busiest areas and collects different data on their behavior.

Indoor location

Start a project.

Satisfaction surveys


Organizes at what time the surveys would automatically shown.

Analyze results

Analyzes the results with graphics and real-time data.

Highlight the positive

Highlight the best results from your users to add value to your business

Corrects the negative

Use criticism to improve. Find out which are the weak points of your business and fix them


Real Time Analysis

Analyzes the behavior of your users, and detects strengths and weaknesses in your business.

Uses statistics to improve and increase profits.

Solicitar Info

Analyzes data and graphics of the system in real-time and the user behavior.


Uses advanced reporting system to analyze and cross data with your own database


Simple, intuitive and analytical

 Try it and be amazed BEBEAC platform



Shows a welcome message on the mobile visitor to reach the site.


Create proximity marketing campaigns to get closer your users


Detects the entrance to the restaurant or table that has sat your client to expedite your order and increase profits.


Shows exclusive content on a piece or room to approach her

Smart guided

Guide your visitors inside the building. Recommended routes, makes tracking your movements.

Satisfaction surveys

Get the opinion of your visitors and use it to improve or increase your ROI


Controls traffic counts, signing systems, send alert messages, locate missing people, etc..


Analyzes system performance in real time or historical time with the advanced reporting system and its dashboard.


Imagine a new functionality, and integrate into your BEBEAC system.

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