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Babooni Technologies was founded in 2015 in the city of Madrid (Spain) by three crazy entrepreneurs for technology . His only intention was to improve the understanding of technology in all ages, and thereby improve their life experience.

"His idea was to create simple, intuitive and automated systems"

After several years, it was born the first management system "BEBEAC" which would control any system around and would specialize in proximity technologies. Later they decided to jump into the market with a solution that would change the way to get around the museums and in the wake of this first success, emerged different solutions that would communicate with the powerful platform BEBEAC...opening doors to new ideas.

Freelancer Essentials
  • Innovation is what distinguishes a leader of others.

    Steve Jobs
  • If you are changing the world you are working on important things.

    Larry Page
  • It happens more than you think, because it is not just engineering and science, is also the art.

    Steve Jobs

Our Team

Team Member

Alejandro Ballesteros

Co-Founder & CEO

"We understand technology as the way to improve our experiences. With the current growth rate, we have to innovate every day to improve ourselves and offer the best products"

Team Member

Mario Antón Peña

Co-Founder & CTO

"The basis of a good product is a good idea. To do this we must always apply the latest technologies and apply them to anticipate technological evolution"

Team Member

Alvaro Ballesteros

Co-Founder & CCO

"Our goal is to surprise customers with simple solutions and technologically advanced. We must make known our solutions to understand their benefits"

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